When you first announce a pregnancy or a new birth, the first question most people ask: “Is it a boy or a girl?” This seemingly innocuous question is our brain’s way of classifying information. We immediately begin having images of pink or blue, tea parties or trucks, figure skates or hockey. You probably don’t even realize you’re doing it because our brains are tricky that way. Research on how the brain processes information shows that our brains seek to classify and organize. By doing this, we keep what’s important and discard what’s irrelevant, superfluous, unnecessary, and extraneous. You probably noticed I used four words that effectively mean the same thing in the last sentence and you


Everyone’s writing journey is unique. For many of us, publication is the end goal. Still, there are many ways to reach it. I think it’s important to note that one particular way is not better than the other. We each have to make personal choices regarding how we decide to get our writing into the hands of readers. Those readers will likely know little about the hard work, mixed emotions, and sacrifices that were made in order to make the final product. Readers’ journeys begin when they open the book and embrace the characters we’ve created. A writer’s journey begins before they even put pen to paper or type the first word. As a writer, being authentic is one of the most important pieces of t

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