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Volunteer judges wanted!

This site offers a service to writers and authors–many of whom may be new to the world of creative writing. Your experience is needed to help writers find encouragement to submit, or get a dose of reality before getting an avoidable rejection. Please consider becoming a volunteer judge for Rate Your Story.  

Why volunteer?

Do you remember when you began writing? Chances are, your early stories weren't so good. And someone probably helped you by being honest about it. Not every new writer knows who to ask or how to assess their own story. It's good karma to help.

Although there may be various paid opportunities that arise throughout the year, Rate Your Story judges are not paid for reading and rating manuscripts. However, Rate Your Story will promote your professional critique service, website, appearances, or books to our site visitors through links. Rate Your Story does not take a commission from volunteer judges if a writer chooses to purchase critiquing, writing, or editing services from you directly. Consider the free mentions and referrals a thank you for volunteering to rate stories.

Volunteer Judge Criteria:

1.  You must be a traditionally published writer. Self-published does not count, sorry.
2.  You must have published something in the last two years or completed a course on creative writing or editing within the last three years, or have a current offer/sale or pending contract.
3.  You must have edited or critiqued manuscripts before–either through a peer critique group, online forum, at reputable writer's workshops, or professionally.
4.  You must be a reader. If you've not read a book or story in the last 12 months, you're not quite fit for being a Rate Your Story volunteer judge.
5.  You must be willing to read, rate, and report your score to Rate Your Story within 7-10 days of receiving a submission to judge.
6.  You agree to practice confidentiality of author's identities and their manuscripts, and adhere to strict ethics with regard to the author's written work. Furthermore, you must sign our non-disclosure agreement.

If you meet this criteria, here's how to participate:

1. Check the contact page for the current email for volunteer inquiries.
2. In your email, include a brief bio of you as a story writer. Be sure to include a link to or attachment of your published stories. If you've got a website, please send the link.
3. If selected, we may ask for a photo and updated bio for the site.  If you'd like us to include one, we will also include a link to your critique service webpage.

Want to see who has already signed on as a volunteer judge?  Click here.

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