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When I first signed up to write this blog post six months ago, I was expecting I’d write about something totally different. I thought I’d talk about writing tips and tricks, or the power of critique groups, or even talk about my upcoming book launch party for Rex the…We-Don’t-Know.

Like you, I never would have guessed the world would be turned upside down and hurting six months later. This last month has been a complete whirlwind of heartbreaking news.

And where businesses, schools, and libraries have temporarily shut down for health reasons, where many individuals are being told to work from home (or to not work at all), where people all over are being asked to practice social distancing, and to be honest where some days may seem rather glum, it’s also been amazing witnessing the wonderful acts of kindness spreading throughout the world, including throughout the Kid Lit community.

For example: did you know people have come together and caused a surge in pet adoptions, clearing out numerous shelters across the US? People are stepping up and making sure our furry pets are taken care of during these uncertain times. This is something Rex, an adopted…we-don’t-know… is really excited to hear, by the way. 😉(Link to news story about adoptions)

Then, retired doctors and nurses are coming out of retirement and courageously running to the frontlines to help hospitals and patients in need. (Link to news story)

CEO’s at large restaurant chains are even forgoing their salaries to help compensate their employees during these difficult times. (Link to news story)

Those stuck in isolation are meeting on their balconies, playing music, holding concerts, and singing and celebrating life together. (Link to video)

And, authors and editors, agents and publishers, illustrators and teachers have been rising to the occasion to make sure children and parents, with no control over these tough weeks ahead, are lent a helping hand.

Publishers have allowed the online reading and sharing of their books so students can still enjoy stories.

CLICK HERE to view

Many authors, teachers, librarians, and celebrities are reading picture books to children via Facebook and Instagram to keep the love and joy of reading alive. Click below to view:

KidLit.TV Story Makers

Save With Stories

Children’s illustrators are providing live drawing tutorials and free printable activities for kids. And they are AMAZING, by the way!

And, many authors and agents are hosting giveaways to help keep each other encouraged.

CLICK HERE for more

If anything, this last month has shown everyone that the human population is a remarkable and caring bunch. Also, I can’t help but give a special shout out to the Kid Lit community; it’s a generous and passionate community that I’m so thankful to be a part of! At the end of the day, the human race is coming together to spread as much hope as possible in the midst of the storm.

And, a special note to all my Kid Lit friends out there: authors and illustrators, publishers and agents, please continue doing what you’re doing. Keep creating, keep sharing good book news, and keep spreading hope! The world needs it right now more than ever.

To all those reading along: there are so many more shareable read aloud or draw along resources floating around. Please feel free to share them in the comments below so we can have them in one place! Also, there are SO many more positive stories floating around, too! Please share those as well! Let’s spread as much hope as possible during these times.

Also, my newest book Rex the…We-Don’t-Know comes out on in April! If you have kids at home, please enjoy these free coloring sheets. I’d love to see them finished, if you’d like to share 😊, so free to Tweet me in your posts. Click below to download the coloring sheets:

Coloring Sheet 1

Coloring Sheet 2

Like many other authors out there, my book launch party and many of my events have been cancelled. But this isn’t putting a damper on my book or mood at all. Health and safety for others always comes first. If anything, I’m looking forward to hosting a second-launch party and second-launch events this fall even more. Please stay tuned for updates!

And, in the meantime, I’d love to offer two Rate Your Story members a free picture book manuscript critique. Please see the Rafflecopter below to enter. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

Or click this link:

Note: Two names will be randomly picked by Rafflectopter on April 30th.

Winners will be notified vie email after the Raffle has closed.

About the author:

Heather Macht, author of REX THE...WE-DON'T-KNOW (Pelican, 2020), THE ANT FARM ESCAPE! (Pelican, 2019), and YOU MAY JUST BE A DINOSAUR (Pelican, 2015), is an active children's author who has been creating stories since the third grade! She earned her degree in fine arts from Florida State College at Jacksonville and holds a career as an I.T. professional and a full-time mom. Macht’s an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, is a volunteer judge for Rate Your Story, and lives with her family in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. In her spare time, she dwells in poetry and picture books, and enjoys painting beach scenes and monsters of all sorts. For more, visit

About Rex the…We-Don’t-Know:

When Max and his family went to the pound to adopt a new animal, they certainly didn’t expect to find Rex, a…well...we don't know exactly what Rex is. With fluffy-green fur, a long-curly tail, and a sparkly-white horn on his forehead, they fell in love with him instantly and decided to give him a chance. After all, how hard can it be to take care of a…We-Don’t-Know?

Click below for more about Heather:

Twitter: @AuthorHMacht

Instagram: @heatherauthormacht

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