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Announcing MOWMT Winners and Post List - Part 4


Below you will find a list of Prize Winners (and bonus prizes!) for posts 24 - 32, as well as the links to the original post AND the book list for those who missed these fabulous blog posts or want to refer to them again.


Winners please e-mail with the following in the subject line…


[WINNER] MOWMT Day #1 Lydia Lukidis (Non-Fiction PB or 30 Min AMA Session)

Please make sure to put your name and email address in the body of the e-mail. I will forward the e-mail to your prize donor.

NOTE: Speedpass Prizes can be claimed by sending your manuscript (no payment required unless you want a rush and/or upgrade) to:

Prizes must be claimed by June 30, 2023.

P.S. Sending along profuse apologies for the delay in posting winners. April whizzed by and I was away most of May with limited Internet access.

Thank you for participating – it was such a fun event and we can’t wait until next year! We already have the graphics ready and are filling our guest list!

Prize: one spot in one, single session workshop at Whale Rock Workshops. You may choose from our Close Read and Write Series or our Learn How To Series. This spot can be used through December 2024.

Winner: Mona Pease

Prize: The Prize: One lucky March On with Mentor Texts participant will win a signed copy of Sue’s picture book, 13 Ways to Eat a Fly and a 20-minute video or phone chat with Sue where they can talk about a project they’re working on (must happen by the end of September 2023.)

Winner: Cindy Sommer

Prize: Board Book Speedpass from Rate Your Story.

Winner: Stephanie Maksymiw

Prize: Joana will be giving away a 30-minute Zoom Consultation for one lucky winner!

Winner: Judy Wilkins Sobanski

Prize: PRIZE: Winner's choice of one of Janie's blended picture books or a picture book critique.

Winner: Sharon Dalgleish

Prize: 1/2 Hour Consultation with Author / Mentor Linda Joy Singleton

Winner: Karen Plevin Kovach

Prize: A non-rhyming PB MS or the first two chapters of a chapter book as a thank-you for reading along with me.

Winner: Elizabeth James Writes

Prize: Lynne Marie and Dea are giving away several prizes: One winner will get a Rate Your Story speedpass, another will receive a half-hour Zoom session with Lynne Marie, another will get a digital copy of American Pie, and another will receive a digital copy of the The Star in the Christmas Play.

NOTE: In that American Pie's release date was moved to 2024, book winners will receive a choice of digital book of The Three Little Pigs and the Rocket Project or The Star in the Christmas Play instead of American Pie:


1/2 Hour Zoom: Joan Swanson

Speedpass: Sue Eyerman

Digital Book: Sharon McCarthy

Digital Book: Cheryl Cook Johnson

American Pie by Lynne Marie, Art by Dea Lenihan

Prize: PB Critique (500 words max) + 30-min. ZOOM chat

Winner: Angela Calabrese


Speedpass from Rate Your Story

Winner: Angie Quantrell

Winner: Claire Blumenfeld

1/2 Hour Consultation With The Picture Book Mechanic:

Winner: Melissa Berger Stoller

Winner: Reed Hilton Eddy

NOTE: Feel free to share your Winner's Badge and thank you to our Prize Donors on Social Media with @RateYourStory #MarchOnWithMentorTexts #MOWMT #Winner #RateYourStory #KidLit #WritingCommunity

Also feel free to click on the links to buy / gift / review these books. As an affiliate, we will get a small percentage of sales, which goes to fund books for our FREE Mentor Text Talks. You can join our group here for more information:

Even if you didn't win a physical prize, every one's a winner if you learned something! So feel free to take this participant badge and display it proudly!

As you know, we're sad that MARCH ON WITH MENTOR TEXTS is over too!

Stay Tuned for More Mentor Text Posts, Select Mondays!

Until then, start shining up your manuscripts for the 2023 Rate Your Story Summer Contest!

As a head's up -- we are looking for great stories from anyone and everyone! Each story will receive expert contest feedback from one of our Judges! Bonus entries available!

AND Mark Your Calendars for #MarchOnWithMentorTexts 2024!

Thanks for spending every day of the month of March with us! We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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