*Contest News* Announcing the winners!

Each year the Annual RYS Awesome Openers Writing Contest grows, and this year was certainly no exception. Our judges have spent weeks reading and debating over submissions. We're thrilled to announce the selected winners below. Drum roll, please...


1st Place: Ona the Impossible by Lisa Perron

2nd Place: Seriously, Universe? by Leslie Wibberley

3rd Place: Vivify by Leslie Bush Norris

Honorable Mention:

The Possibility of Light by Alison Goldberg


1st Place: Mrs.Disney by Brittany Richman

2nd Place: Please No Feathers in Your Hats by Lynn Pedersen.

3rd Place: Willie Breaks the Ice by John McGranaghan

Honorable Mentions:

The Desert That Feeds a Forest by Lynn Pedersen

Marjory Stood by Deborah Williams

Speedy Scientist by Susan Twiggs


1st Place: Get Me Out of This Story by Marcia Matalon-Nass

2nd Place: Mama Won't Mind by Kathleen Bahr

3rd Place: Octo-Oops by Ashley Bankhead

Honorable Mentions:

Along Came A Spider by Stephanie Ward

Hairy Bigfoot by Corey King

Girl With a Hidden Pocket by Deborah Arfken

Remarkable Jane by Marcia Matalon-Nass

Flamingo the Film Star by Anna Brooks

Wind Keeper by Lindsey Hobson

*To view prizes, CLICK HERE. Winners will be notified individually by email with prize details soon.

We want to thank everyone who submitted to the contest this year. Our judges were impressed both by the caliber and the number of submissions. Congratulations to all and write on!

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