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Revving up for Rate Your Story 2023

Rate Your Story is a Ratings and Feedback Service originally founded by Miranda Paul. After several years and many books later, she passed the torch to Sophia Gholz. After about 5 years and many books later, Sophia passed the torch to me!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love critiquing and mentoring. Through my other business,, I help people diagnosis picture book problems and fix their stories that "won't go." So tinkering with stories is my happy place!

When I took over Rate Your Story for 2021, we were deep in the throes of the pandemic. In many ways, we are still dealing with related issues and/or fallout from that and other issues. So between my inaugural year and this year (and my natural inclinations), I've noticed that many Rate Your Story Members need more than just an e-mail Rating and Feedback Service (although 18 Ratings with Feedback from published Authors is wonderful). With this in mind, I've initiated some inspiring, educational, fun and informative additions to really assist in turning writers into authors this next year.

Here are a few of them.

Help Desk - A Monthly Meeting of the Minds to discuss challenges in writing, rewriting and publishing. Often fun friends like multi-published Author Nancy Churnin will pop in! Usually a Wednesday, but dates may vary to accommodate other events.

March On With Mentor Texts - While this is an event open to the public each March (last year was our inaugural year), it's a great way for Members to get to know our Judges and their books and benefit even more from their expertise. And of course, there's the chance to win prizes! And who doesn't love winning a book, a critique or mentoring session!

Member Facebook Group - We have a dedicated RYS Rising Stars member facebook group to share information, thoughts, books, ask questions, and interact. It's also a place to find the pinned link to our Member Handbook and to find the Member's only Mentor Text Talk Replays.

Mentor Text Talks - In the spirit of giving and sharing book love and supporting authors, Mentor Text Talks are open to the public. However, the replays are posted ONLY in our Members only group and remain in the group for you to enjoy for the year (plus)! These occur on Sundays from 6:30 - 7:30 PM EST on Zoom (, but Members can watch the replays anytime!

Pop-up Guest Gurus - Monthly, a different industry professional, whether it be an Author, Editor or Agent, will pop in to share their expertise. They will not be using Code Names so Members will know where their feedback is coming from! We will choose four lucky members to receive feedback from them. Selections are based upon quality of writing and/or what that Guru is willing to review.

Seasons of KidLit ( - Our Owner and Administrator Lynne Marie has partnered with one of our long-time Judges in this fabulous event. SeasonsofKidlit is the brain-child of Author Heather Macht. She and Lynne Marie share a love for Kidlit and all things seasonal and are excited to come together and co host and carry this event through the year. Look for an annual Trick-or-Treat event in October, a weekly Thanks and Giving event in November, and Twelve Days of Joy in December. In addition, there will be pop-up events from time to time and Favorite Book Friday in their Facebook Group ( and on Twitter. #SeasonsofKidlit Don't forget to sign up at so you don't miss any of the fun (or prize ops).

And these are just a few!

But, keep reading -- here's what's new (and super exciting):

Crafty Web Seminars - There will be 11+ Crafty Web Seminars given by our Judges and Gurus from January. These have been designed to help Members navigate their path, stay on their path, and achieve progress on their path to publication success.

So much mentoring for your money!

For additional details and to purchase a Membership, please click here:

Member Window: October 15 - 31st

Non-Member Window:

November 1st - January 31st

We hope you'll join us for an exciting, educating and forward-moving year!

Lynne Marie,

Owner and Administrator of Rate Your Story


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