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The Building Blocks of #SeasonsOfKidlit

This month, we'll be highlighting the Donors from Our Rate Your Story *Build-A-Story* Contest (August 1 - 31st). Each will share a little bit about themselves and the building blocks of their career, tell you about their latest project and leave YOU a building block to help build your stories! Be sure to check them out! AND don't forget to enter our contest (more info here) to be eligible for prizes!


Hi, everyone! My name’s Heather Macht. I’m a wife, mother, saver of reptiles, and IT worker by day. When night falls, I’m an author and blogger, proudly belonging to the #kidlit community.

Like my spook-tacular Co-Ghostess and wonderful friend, Lynne Marie, I adore holiday, mutant, and monster-themed books! I’m the author of 15 books for young readers (and counting!) including The Mutant Critter Sitter (ABDO, 2024), a six-book chapter book series featuring #girlpower, responsibility, spliced mutant creations, and science-filled fun!, The Woodlot Monster Mysteries (ABDO, 2023), a 6-book Chapter Book Series featuring less-common monsters, and promoting #girlpower, problem solving, and teamwork, You May Just Be a Dinosaur (Pelican, 2015) and more!

I proudly blog at with Lynne Marie.


I’m a multi-published children’s book author from New York who currently lives in the heart of Florida. I’m a self-professed celebration connoisseur and the *Co-Ghostess* over at #SeasonsOfKidlit. Holiday books are my favorites and I’ve written books that celebrate First Day of School, 100th Day of School, Halloween, Christmas, 4th of July and more! I have a 2nd Halloween book, BroomMates: A Bitter Boundary Battle (co-written with Brenda Reeves Sturgis) coming in 2024! When I’m not reading, writing critiquing, or learning the ropes as a Literary Agent Mentee at The Seymour Agency, I can be found coloring or putting together puzzles!


My brothers and I grew up with a dad that loved scary movies and Halloween, and a mom that loved Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even though those are big contrasts, I love how holidays, big and small, bring everyone together. Being a children’s book lover and writer, I felt a blog celebrating holiday and seasonal-themed books would too. I’m thrilled Lynne Marie and I can bring our readers fun blog posts and events about all kinds of holidays and celebrations!


As a child, I loved any and all holidays! A discarded library reference book called Chase’s Book of Days was my celebration bible! So when Heather started #SeasonsOfKidLit I knew it was the celebration station of my dreams and I had to get on board! We have been having so much fun over at #SeasonsOfKidLit reading, blogging and interviewing!


The Woodlot Monster Mysteries, by Heather Macht and Alice Brereton, follows bestfriends Finley and Eva who live in the most boring neighborhood on the planet! Nothing remotely exciting ever happens to them. That is until… they find out Chupacabras ate their neighbor’s chickens, they stumble upon a not-so-abominable Yeti who turns everything to ice, they discover a baby Alicorn with a bad case of sniffles, they bump into a surprisingly nice Swamp Family swimming in a lake, they find a village of frantic Sprites with very specific demands, and meet their Glowing-Green Doppelgangers from outer space…all in the woods right behind their home! What kind of woods are these?

Finley and Eva soon find adventure around every corner. The Woodlot Monster Mysteries, perfect for budding readers, is available here.


The Palace Rat, written by me and illustrated by Eva Santana is making a grand entrance on September 5, 2023! As this is a book I wrote early in my journey (July 1997) – 26 years ago, it is extra special to me to see it come to life! I wrote it during a family trip to France on Bastille Day (July 14th). We spent three weeks there, in which we visited to Palace of Versailles. There, I found my inspiration and coupled that with my love for fairy / folk tales and history. And, Voila! The Palace Rat was born. I hope you will invite Henri into your home and that you will enjoy his visit!

HEATHER’S BUILDING BLOCK: Before I start any writing project, I read recently-published books similar to what I’m looking to write. This helps me gain a good understanding of what’s selling, what’s already out there, and what gaps might need to be filled. I also study the language used and the age range it’s geared for (to make sure I’m not too off base with what I’m envisioning). Research and studying is truly key for me before I get started jotting down ideas.

LYNNE MARIE’S BUILDING BLOCK: While I understand this doesn’t work for everyone, I recommend establishing your story before getting wrapped up in the language part. What is your topic? Your theme? Who is your main character? What is its problem/goal? What motivation / stakes does it have in the outcome of the story? What obstacles will it face? How will it try to overcome those obstacles? What will be the solution? These are things that I work out in my head during the pre-writing stage. I don’t work on the stories that I haven’t figured out in my head (yet). I find it makes for more effective stories and I am never staring at a blank page or getting blocked because I have a road map! Here’s something you may find helpful in that regard. [Insert Story Pyramid]

HEATHER AND LYNNE MARIE’S PRIZE: A “Twice As Nice” Picture Book Critique given to a promising holiday picture book writer!


I love connecting with readers and writers of all sorts, so stop by and say hi! You can find me at the following links:

Twitter/X: @AuthorHMacht

Instagram/Threads: @heatherauthormacht


I love connecting with parents, teachers, writers, and librarians online! You can find me on Facebook and Linked-In, on Twitter at @Literally_Lynne, on Instagram @Literally.Lynne.Marie and through my website While you are there, check out my other books as well as the links to the guides!

HEATHER and LYNNE MARIE'S PRIZE: This #SeasonsOfKidLit Team is happy to offer a *Twice-As-Nice* critique for a selected Holiday Story, which may or may not be one of the winners!

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