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MTM: The One With the Random Mentor Text

Inspired by the beloved Sitcom, Friends, I thought I would answer the question -- how do I find takeaway from unrelated texts? Well, just like I find it in what I feel are related texts -- read it and see!

One Chicken Nugget by Tadgh Bentley

Balzer and Bray/HarperCollins, 2023

To be honest, I am a Vegetarian and don't even remotely like chicken nuggets. So what appeal did this book have? At the onset, it had a funny title (and funnier art). I just couldn't resist picking it up. So what early mentor tip does this have?

Mentor Text Tip: Make sure your title is intriguing!

It starts off --

Everybody knows monsters love chicken nuggets, but Frank loved them more than most.

Think about your favorite food and double it. Then double it again.

That's how much Frank loved his nuggets.

Even if you're not a kid (but especially if you are), and even if you don't like chicken nuggets (which I don't), the reader can really connect with Frank's passion. We all have something we love that much!

Mentor Text Tip: Make sure the reader can connect with the main character.

It continues with Frank loving "the perfect balance of tender juiciness and crispy crunch..." "sensational dipping sauces" and "seasonings? Celestial"

Mentor Text Tip: Make sure it has a strong and compelling voice.

We next learn that Frank is "not exactly an ideal customer." I'm pretty sure that kids can identify with not always doing or saying the right things. They are very ego-centric and are in the process of learning who they are and how to act.

They may struggle with things like eating something up and not sharing, having terrible table manners, and having no concept of personal space.

Mentor Text Tip: Give your main character child-like behavior and a relatable story problem.

It's always a nice added hook to have a character go to the library and consult books. It promotes reading.

Mentor Text Tip: For an added bonus, promote reading or going to the library, if possible. And to reference things like folklore and literature.

Then, without even realizing it, this book will teach you Math (the Fibonacci Sequence) in the most child-like, fun and brilliant way!

Mentor Text Tip: Takeaway value for the reader.

And there's an important theme, as well: Too much of a good thing -- is not a good thing!

Mentor Text Tip: Convey a relevant theme.

And the end surely wraps things up, while still offering a chuckle.

Mentor Text Tip: Portray a satisfying ending, with a twist.

Clearly, these are just general tips. As you read your Mentor Texts, take notes of what works and what doesn't work, and even, why.

There so many Mentor Text Tips to mine in this book that you'll need to buy one for yourself. Get it here: ONE CHICKEN NUGGET.


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