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The Building Blocks of Laura Boldin-Fournier

This month, we'll be highlighting the Donors from Our Rate Your Story *Build-A-Story* Contest (August 1 - September 10th). Each will share a little bit about themselves and the building blocks of their career, tell you about their latest project and leave YOU a building block to help build your stories! Be sure to check them out! AND don't forget to enter our contest (more info here) to be eligible for prizes!

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I am a former elementary school teacher and librarian. My stories have appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul books, other anthologies, and magazines. I'm also the author of An Orangutan's Night Before Christmas, a rhyming PB published by Pelican. I'm a member of the SCBWI, the MWA, and critique groups. I have extensive experience in speaking at libraries, schools, literary events, and judging writing contests.


ON SUBMITTING: Before submitting your work to anyone, set it aside for a few weeks. When you look at it again, you’ll spot mistakes you didn’t notice before. Writers often submit their work too quickly. I recommend joining a critique group and getting

feedback first.

ON READING YOUR WORK ALOUD: Reading it aloud also helps you notice errors.


I don’t like reading unhappy endings. There’s enough of that in real life.


Because my family moved many times when I was young, I was inspired to write a middle grade book about characters moving and leaving friends behind.


After reading An Orangutan’s Night Before Christmas at a library presentation, a child ran up and hugged me. Reactions like this really make the writing journey worthwhile.

EDITOR NOTE: We read An Orangutan's Night Before Christmas last year in our Florida SCBWI Season's Reading Online Event and all were delighted by this parody!

LAURA'S PRIZE: Laura has generously donated a picture book Manuscript Critique, which we will award to one lucky writer who seems a good fit for this prize!

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